What is The Hustle ?

New York Hustle (ハッスル)



New York Hustle (ハッスル)
House, Disco, Soul,R&B…などいろいろな音楽で楽しめます。
もちろんスローな曲で踊るHustleも優雅でたのしい!Blues Hustle, Merenge Hustle,HipHop HustleもGOOD!

● Hustle is the Simple, Speedy, Smooth & Dinamic Dance
The Hustle is characterized by fast moving patterns with many turns. Fancy arm styling and big presentation lines are also characteristic of the dance. Like west coast swing, the hustle tends to spotlight the lady. In general the lady’s turning actions and movements are greater than those of the leader. Also, like west coast swing, the hustle is a smooth dance, without lilt. A mistake is to hop or bounce on the syncopated step. Instead, the dance should be smooth through all steps. Based on older dances such as the mambo, the Hustle originated in Hispanic communities in New York City and Florida in the 1970s. This was originally a line dance with a Salsa-like foot rhythm, that after some fusion with swing and eventual shortening of the count to "&1 2 3", became the present "New York" Hustle